Sounds Perfect and my partners offer a fullrange portfolio for your project. From music production to manufacturing and distribution. From promotion to merchandising and special products. Because it's not my main business, there isn't much information online - so if you're interessted in anything beside the music itself, just feel free to get in contact and i'll offer you the masterplan for your project.


My collaboration-partners from "Masters Home" manufacture CDs and DVDs in all possible configurations (Jewelbox, Superjewelbox, Two-Piece-Box, Digipack, Digisleeve, etc.) to reasonable prices. Promotional Copies (e.g. 4c labeled CDRs), Promotionpacks and aproval from collecting society (e.g. GEMA) can be realized directly through my networks.


It's possible to distribute CDs / MP3s from artist I work with throughout my label "I Hate Music Records" in all major stores worldwide (including Amazon, iTunes & Co) - in some cases our label stuff can provide LC-, ISRC- and EAN-Codes.


DJ-, Radio- and Television-Promotion through major and independant partners (incl. Music Promotion Network) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be managed directly via Sounds Perfect. And we supervize all kinds of social or viral campaigns and print promotions.


We digitalize all kinds of analog tapes or ADAT digital Tapes - it's possible to transfer single tracks of your DAW-Sessions or your mixdown to tape and back to give it an analogue touch. And due to the wide range of vintage and high end gear, it's possible to exchange your plugin-sounds (e.g. an 1178 emulation) with the real sound - just send me your files and settings and you get "the real thing". This is also possible for reamping your bass- or guitarsounds or for remicing your drumsound in our large recording room.


Due to my cooperations I can provide a variety of partners, who equip your band with all kinds of merchandise from shirts to backdrops, from posters to buttons, and everything else.


With my network of professional FOH- or Monitor-Engineers and our liverecording setup it's possible to record your live performance without compromize. And of course, postproduction or mixing in Stereo or 5.1-Surround in sync with live footage is possible, too.