Bastian Hager
Born in 1979 - audio engineer / producer since 1997

  • Resident audio engineer and freelancing producer at Dorian Gray Studios.

  • Assistant of Gerhard "Anyway" Woelfle (Marit Larsen, Guano Apes, Bananafishbones, etc.).

  • Teacher in audio engineering, executive producing and studio musician classes at Deutsche POP . Development of educational content for Deutsche POP, popakademie and School of Entertainment and Technology.

  • Consultant of the executive board of music support group and head of department of product & services.

  • Freelancing author for Professional Audio Magazine & miscellaneous workshops for artists, bands and institutions and member of the jury for global battle of bands, feierwerk sprungbrett, fairstaerker, etc.

  • Founder and CEO of the independant label & distribution "I Hate Music Records" and the production company "sounds perfect".

* The KLF Handbook: How To Make A Number One Hit Record.


Feel free to choose:

- from analoge Preamps, EQs or Dynamics like SSL, Neve, API, Urei, Audio Design & Recording, Avalon, Drawmer, TLA, SPL or Amek.
- from vintage gear like Studer Tape Machines, selected & rare outboard equipment to modern DAWs like ProTools or Logic Pro.
- from state of the art outboard-effects like Lexicon, T.C., Dynacord or Klark Technik to all kinds of digital emulations with plugins.
- from classic microphones like Neumann, Brauner, AKG, Sennheiser or Shure to special tools like Triggers or Subkick-Microphones.
- from the best instruments & amps like Gibson, Fender, Marshall, Diezel, Ampeg, Musicman, Takamine, Tama, Pearl, Meinl, Paiste.
- from Piano, Fender Rhodes or Hammond to all sorts of Synthesizers like Oberheim, Korg, Roland, E-MU or any Virtual Instrument.
- and from anything else you might like, and we manage to fetch - except:
Sorry, no atomic-heated binauralizer with overtoxic decapitator and MS-parallel-reclipping-sidechain available. But we work on it.

* Saturday Night Live: Behind the Music - Blue Oyster Cult


Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandova (Die Happy)
(from left: Bastian Hager, Sascha Stadler, Johannes Strate, Moritz Enders, Kristoffer Huenecke; in front: Marta Jandova)
(from left: Stephan Gembler, Fabian Reuter, Florian Poetzlberger, Bastian Hager)
Jana Wall (Unser Star fuer Oslo, Pro7, Lokalisten)
(from left: Jana Wall, Marianna Kazachenko; in front from left: Gerhard Woelfle, Bastian Hager)
The Fog Joggers
Autumn Girl EP
Pin Fico DJ Ju (DooWatchaLike)
(from left: Florian Poetzlberger, Julian Joppig, Mathias Jung; in front: Bastian Hager)
Gerhard Woelfle (Marit Larsen, Guano Apes, Donots, Bananafishbones, etc.)
(from left: Gerhard Woelfle, Bastian Hager)
Pardon Ms. Arden (Sony Ericsson Fanwalk)
Disco Queen / I Bet You're Pardon Ms. Arden / Isn't That Too Much Of A Differnce
BoshiSan (Raggasnoda Click, On3-Startrampe) Florian Opahle (Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, Greg Lake) Martin Klee Working Elements